[portfolio_details title=”Evaluation of Central Hotspot on Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Adult Entertainment Sector ” title2=”” client=”Freedom Fund” skills=”” button1_label=””]Duration: May to September 2019

Study areas: Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Nuwakot

Thematic areas: GESI, social inclusion, livelihood

Study Nature: Qualitative study and process tracing

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the extent to which the objectives set out have been achieved and how much of it attributable to the work of the Hotspot. The results of this evaluation are intended to produce actionable recommendations for the remainder of the funding period in regards to hotspot activities. The Hotspot is implemented by funding an exemplary group of local organizations working in the AES whether in source areas to prevent children from being recruited, or organizations assisting minors to exit the AES and others that are involved in advocacy at the policy level.