Washed away: the impact of climate change-induced coastal erosion in Urir Char, Bangladesh


November 6, 2023

Mohammad Omar Faroque

Urir Char, a river island in south-eastern Bangladesh, has been eroded by two thirds since its formation. Many climate stressors are active here, including coastal erosion, cyclones, drought and heavy rainfall. Coastal erosion is most acute and a stress multiplier when we assess climate change-induced loss and damage. Women, children, elderly people and people with disabilities are the most vulnerable to displacement caused by coastal erosion and the effects of displacement. While many initiatives have been implemented to reduce the impact of cyclones (constructing shelters, afforestation, allotting khas land for displaced people, supplying electricity to reduce the impact of drought), they have been in vain: coastal erosion has washed them away. Therefore, solving the coastal erosion problem will pave the way to solving other climate change-induced problems in the region.

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