About Us

Who we are

Progress Inc. is a global research and evaluation company with registered offices in Bangladesh, Kenya, Nepal, and the USA. We are committed to gender responsiveness and inclusivity, advocating passionately for gender equity. With a remarkable track record, we have executed over 125 research projects and conducted evaluations across various development sectors such as livelihood, gender equality, social inclusion, child protection, education, disaster risk reduction, human rights, water, sanitation, and hygiene, food security, health, and nutrition in over 65 countries, across South Asia, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa, Latin America, and Middle East.
Specializing in research, monitoring, evaluation, and learning, Progress Inc. collaborates with international organizations, NGOs, government bodies, and community-based entities. We are known for our deep understanding of evaluation approaches and staying at the forefront of innovative methodologies. Progress Inc. upholds rigorous standards and delivers high-quality work in all its endeavors.

Mision & Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Progress Inc.’s Mission

To revolutionize the way research is conducted by adopting people-centric approaches, innovative strategies, and technology by continuously engaging in the process of learning and adapting

Progress Inc.’s Vision

Global company to inspire the way decisions are made for the people, guided by research works that put humanistic values at the core .


Global Leaders in Research and Evaluation

We are committed to gender responsiveness and inclusivity. We use various methods of research evaluation approaches. A remarkable track record, we have executed over 120 research projects worldwide.

Global Reach

Operating in over 30 countries across multiple regions.

Project Portfolio

Executed more than 120 research projects and evaluations.

Diverse Expertise

Specializing in various development sectors, including gender equality, livelihood, education, child protection, disaster, health, and more.

Commitment to Quality

Known for rigorous standards and innovative methodologies, ensuring high-quality work.

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