Client: VSO

Duration: June 2021

Thematic areas: Agriculture, Green Economy, GESI

VSO Nepal had a short-term and longer-term engagement in livelihoods opportunities. In line with the principles of resilient and inclusive programs, VSO ensured that such livelihoods opportunities need to be compatible that bring changes in the most marginalized communities and also be climate responsible. There existed different policies and practices on inclusive and climate-responsive livelihoods opportunities in Nepal. The country has profound experiences in the green economy as part of climate change interventions. These practices were initiated by Government and other civil society organizations. Being these were generic as there has not been any further analysis on the feasibility of these green jobs that cater needs of youth and women. On this note, a study analyzing these green job opportunities from youth and gender perspectives was conducted. It was anticipated that this study would help us to guide VSO in future interventions of promoting a green economy centered on the economic empowerment of youth and women. Besides, it also provided information on the policy and best practices of green jobs (climate-responsive) opportunities targeting women and marginalized youths.

The study further aimed to explore opportunities, strategies, and readiness of VSO to design and implement green jobs and enterprises and circular economy for strengthening the economic empowerment of youth and women in Nepal.