[portfolio_details title=”Final Evaluation of Early Learning and Reading ” title2=”” client=”Plan International Nepal” skills=”” button1_label=””]Duration: April to June 2019

Study areas: Myagdi, Baglung

Thematic area: Education, child rights and protection

Study nature: Quantitative study with sample of 437 students and Qualitative study

The objective of the study is to evaluate the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, accountability and sustainability of the project. Moreover, it will highlight the good practices and lessons learnt and recommend areas of improvement for future interventions. As a part of the assignment, EGRA and EGMA were conducted with the early graders. The project worked towards contributing to the realisation of children’s right to a good and healthy start in life as the requisite foundation for reaching their full potential and for enjoying their survival, development, protection and participation rights in later stages in life (from middle childhood to productive adulthood).