Orientation & Training

  • Research Ethics: Expectations from researchers, confidentiality aspects, do and don’ts in research.
  • Tools/Checklists: Clarification, expected answer from questionnaire.
  • Mobile Data Collection: Overview of application/system, process of usage and collection, saving, export, quality assurance.
  • Piloting of Tools: Pre-test tools for accessibility, reliability and authenticity.
  • Debriefing of Piloting: Question and answer session.

Digital Data Collection

  • Reduce environmental impact by going paperless
  • Back checks and automatic skip check features
  • GPS location during survey can be accessed
  • All questions assigned with unique codes
  • Quick and efficient data collection
  • Timing of interview conducted can be accessed
  • Consistency checks can be performed when enumerators are in the field
  • Analyzing and archiving data will be easier
  • Data extraction and cleaning will be easier
  • Data storage and backup in password protected company server
  • Risk of data loss and data error is eliminated

Human Resource

  • Opportunity for the youths.
  • Opportunity for the marginalized community.
  • Gender balanced.
  • Mixture of experienced and youth in each assignment.
  • Renowned freelancers and advisors from various sectors.