Mission & Values

Experienced professional or a recent graduate

Progress Inc. is a company with offices in Bangladesh and Nepal that specializes in research, monitoring and evaluations, assessments, capacity building, and other managerial support (documentation review, training, data entry/analysis) to public, private, and non-profit sectors. It provides a platform for independent consultants and freelancers to contribute through an organization. The aim of the organization is to promote the youth and marginalized groups of this generation through the mentoring of experienced freelancers. Progress Inc. believes the youths of Bangladesh and Nepal are the most talented and underutilized asset of this generation. The organization strives to provide professional opportunities to the youth and marginalized individuals. By working together and being part of an ethnically diverse team will help to break down harmful social barriers and elevate self-esteem amongst individuals. The organization works with a broad network of highly skilled, experienced international and national consultants and advisers from various sectors including education, agriculture, governance, livelihood, DRR, WASH, health, and many more. Progress Inc. is a gender responsive and socially inclusive organization. In all of its assignments, Progress Inc. involves a mix of the youths, marginalized and experienced freelancers.


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